PPC Packages

"Choose Expert PPC Management Reach your precise audience Gain more relevant traffic Expand Conversion Ratio Increase ROI "
PPC Packages Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Cost $ 250 $ 350 $ 500
Setup Cost 100 100 FREE
Initializing the Project
Website Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Account Setup
Tracking Code Setup
Ad Campaign Management
Keyword Research 300 500 750
Maximum No. of Keywords to target 200 400 600
Ad Groups Creation
Ad copy creation
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Geo Targeting
Local Search Campaigns
Day Parting
Budget Management
Bid Management
Landing page consultation 1 2 5+
Ad Group Monitoring
Google Analytics code setup
Funnel Tracking
Traffic Statistics
Conversion Tracking
ROI Management
ROI Analysis
Weekly Report
Customer Support
Email support
Chat support
Monthly Cost $ 250 $ 350 $ 500
Setup Cost $100 $100 FREE
Included not Included

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*All the above practices are implemented in a manner that is 100% ethical and compliant with Google guidelines

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