List of Important SEO Tools for 2016

SEO is an unending process and as we have entered in the new year 2016, it’s time to reflect some of the best digital marketing tools to consider and make better use of SEO.

Google Page Speed Insights- Another masterstroke by Google Inc. to help digital marketers finding success in their efforts and time spent to make things viral. It provides details of your website and tell which links are left to fix for better performance on mobile and desktop platforms.

Keyword A great tool to find which keywords are being searched in different nations. It helps enormously in decision making and to remain ahead in the game, when to you know where to look and what to do.

Google Analytics- A great tool by Google to help in paying attention to minute details. It gives you the stats about the daily traffic and you get to know what really attracts visitors on your website and how many revisits are done on a particular day. Don't miss this tool out from your digital marketing juggernaut.

Google Keyword Planner- Enter all the keywords that you want to target. Google will provide you stats and will help in the decision making of about keyword's relevance and sort out your keyword priority list.

Google Trends- A quick search in Google Trends can give you the rising graph of what your content needs and what you have to write in your next post.

Similar Web- It’s a great tool to compare traffic between two websites. It means you can find out the reason why are you staying behind in the competition and what you need to stay ahead in the game.

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